Privacy Policy


The terms and conditions mentioned within the agreement of the privacy policy do hold for entire products within as mentioned by the representing website for the company while people should know about the disclaimer fact mentioned straightaway to help their own self. In every fact and condition, people should know their responsibility pretty well in regards to the policy of the company before conducting their business with them, and carry their own conduct pretty well. All of this and more is mentioned within the privacy policy of

The terms and conditions is all about the respect of the privacy of the potential clients which is aimed at their commitment of protecting the privacy of the individual. This page is aimed at helping people know about the following points:

  • The information we intend to collect from the clients.
  • The manner in which the information is used.
  • The ways in which we can protect the privacy and personal information of our clients.
  • The choices one has over the usage of information.

These are the policies that are designed to keep the transparency, reliability and privacy of a business operation. There are definite guidelines for usage of any of the personal information of the users. All the policies can be updated and/or removed at any instant by the owner. There are several manners wherein the information management is been done by us, mentioned by the people in their forms for identification. The information of IP addresses will also be kept for every other reference. Information is shared among the partners, which are basically known as sub-contractors. This is all to provide endless and seamless services for the people associated to us. There is no intention to disclose the personal information of our partners or at any level: sell, rent or share them.

There are some points to be clearly understood by the individuals interested in maintaining a partnership with ASMOBISOFT. All the information that is viewed over the website is provided by ASMOBISOFT subjected to the compliance of the terms and conditions by the users. For all the interested customers wishing to access the site or using the site, they should definitely go neck deep into the privacy theory and policy associated to it. Every individual who wishes to be associated has to be aware of the conditions to be impaled upon him. The people not interested in following one or more of the laid terms or all of it, they must not access the website or any part of it. Also, as it has been mentioned earlier, the various terms and conditions of the website can be changed accordingly as and when wished by the owners which will turn immediately effective when the modified agreement is posted upon the website. Also, the users agree within to periodically review the agreement upon being aware of the modifications while the usage of the site will also be termed as an acceptance of the modified agreement.

a. Copyright, licenses and Idea Submissions: The site and the entire contents are protected thoroughly by the international laws of copyright and trademark. The owners of the copyrights and trademarks are and the third party licensors or its affiliates. One is not allowed to modify, copy, republish, publish, post, upload or distribute any of the site’s material over the site including graphics, text, code and/or related software. Printing and downloading of the different portions of the material over the different areas of the site has to be done solely for the non-commercial use, only when one agrees not to erase or amend any or all copyright or proprietary notices from the materials. The trademarks include the publications, productions, content or services referenced within the privacy policy itself or the site are exclusively the servicemarks or trademarks of ASMOBISOFT. Any other product or company name mentioned within the website will be the respective owners’ trademarks and copyright signs.

b. Using the Site, One should completely understand that other than providing information over the internet in its website regarding to products and/or services, is not interested in operating, endorsing or controlling the information, products or services over the internet in any fashion as such. Other than the information identified by related information, services or products; all other products, information and services offered through the Site or the internet is generally provided by third parties not affiliated in any fashion with One should be clear that does not warrant or guarantee the files available for downloading through the website to be free of worms, viruses, infections, Trojan Horses, or other codes which contain destructive properties or manifest one or more of the above mentioned in any form.

c. Indemnification: One is supposed to indemnify, defend and hold harmless along with its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, suppliers, and all related third party information providers to the Service from and against all the losses, expenses, damages and costs, keeping in mind the reasonable attorney’s fee, which might occur upon the violation of the aforementioned agreement; which counts wrongful and/or negligent conduct. This is going to be done by any individual accessing the service.

d. Third Party rights: The provisions which are mentioned earlier in the Use of service and Indemnification are held for the benefits for the and its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, suppliers with all the third party information providers to the service.

e. Term and Termination: This agreement can be terminated by either of the parties without notice at any possible time for any particular reason. Even upon the termination of the contract, the aforementioned provisions in regards to Copyright, Licenses, and Idea Submissions, Service and its use, Indemnification, third Party rights and the Miscellaneous will survive any termination within the agreement.

f. Miscellaneous: The entire mentioned agreement is governed and constructed in accordance by the laws of India which are applicable to various agreements made and going to be performed within the country itself. The users will have to agree that any legal action or legal proceedings between and any of its users for any issue or matter in relation to the agreement or different parties’ obligations is to be brought exclusively in a federal or a state court in India providing competent jurisdiction within India itself. The course of conduct between the parties and/or the trade practice shall not act to modify any particular act of the provision within the agreement.

There might be some rights which are not mentioned within this article but they still are kept as reserved